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Board of Directors

Corporate Officers 

Christopher J. Rossi, President

Elizabeth Truong, Vice President

(vacant), Treasurer

Alan Dunklow, Secretary

Members & Committee Chairpersons

Jamie Barnett, Member at Large

Alan Dunklow, Secretary

Marty Fetsch, Member at Large

William "Bill" Hamilton, Member at Large

Jim Kucher, Member at Large

Robert W. Law, Member at Large

Matt Lynn, Member at Large; Chairperson: Board Development Committee

Michael McNamara, Member at Large

Christopher J. Rossi, President

Viktoriya M. Shpigelman, Member at Large

Anthony Stephens, Member at Large

Jemimah Tacadena, Member at Large; Chairperson: Fundraising Committee

Elizabeth Truong, Vice President


The Downtown Sailing Center at the Baltimore Museum of Industry
1425 Key Highway, Suite 110, Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 727-0722 • info@downtownsailing.org