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Apply for Spring 2022 Siebel Sailors Program


2022 Spring Siebel Session - May 3 to June 7

Tuesdays 4:30 - 6:30 PM for 6 Weeks

in J22s

Application Closed April 25th

Your application will be reviewed by DSC Staff.

We will reply to all applicants about their application status via their preferred email by April 25th.

For more information about the Siebel Sailors Program, email

The Siebel Sailors Program Mission

The Siebel Sailors Program seeks to increase opportunity and diversity in the sport of sailing. By providing resources and support to youth sailors from all backgrounds we will develop skilled and life-long sailors who can participate in all aspects of the sport by creating access to equipment, athlete development resources, and expert coaching at public access sailing centers across the country.

The Siebel Sailors Program, made possible through the generous support of the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation,

is designed to "increase opportunity and diversity in the sport of sailing by providing resources

and support to youth sailors at public access sailing centers across the country (US Sailing)."

CLICK HERE to visit US Sailing's Siebel Sailors Program website on programs across the country!

The DSC and the Siebel Sailors Program

This is the first program of its kind in Baltimore in over two decades and the first diversity initiative US Sailing has ever launched! The DSC joins three other community sailing centers in the Mid-Atlantic Region to form a strong Siebel Sailors Program network - Baltimore County Sailing Center, DC Sail, and Washington Sailing Marina. Coach Janel Zarkowsky joins the DSC as an experienced Regional Coach to instruct, assist, and mentor staff and students involved in the program!

Who is the Siebel Program for?

The Siebel Sailors Program is “for everyone!” Everyone, that is, between the ages of 9 and 13. The ideal weight range for this two-person boat is 160 lbs - 260 lbs, and The DSC is looking to recruit youth who love sailing.

The DSC is committed to diversity and inclusion within the Siebel Sailors Program. The DSC wants to include youth from the following sailing backgrounds: Summer Camp; Bay Brook EMS; Wolfe Street Academy; Francis Scott Key EMS; Thomas Johnson EMS; Federal Hill Prep Academy; the Bridges Program; and STEMMA, to name a few.

Youth who are not initially accepted on the team are not necessarily going to be excluded from the team in the long run. This is a new process for The DSC and for US Sailing. The DSC is launching a youth membership to engage youth and their parents who want to out on the water at same time, in a sailboat or a motorboat! It is the DSC’s goal to enable and allow youth sailors to become full-fledged skippers, with skipper access to the entire fleet of boats, and to provide families with a fun, inclusive environment to enjoy the water together. 


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