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Corporate  Sponsorships

Want to be seen!? Do you want to show your company's support for The Downtown Sailing Center? Do you want to activate the waterfront with your brand? Then consider sponsorship. Sponsorships are an essential part of our fundraising portfolio. Scroll down to learn more!

Sponsorship Levels

Contact Graham via to start the sponsorship process!

Bronze Sponsorship - $2,000

  • Receive two complementary "taste of sailing" lessons

Silver Sponsorship - $5,000

  • Promote your brand with 1 logo jib
  • Five Thousand Dollars covers the cost of a replacement powerboat engine for adaptive sailing support

Gold Sponsorship - $10,000

  • Promote your brand through 2 logo mailsails
  • Ten Thousand Dollars matches the funding difference for 1/3 of The DSC's summer community youth programs for one year.

Sponsors helps support 20 camp scholarships, 24 Siebel Sailors youth, 12 no-cost adaptive sailing sessions for people with disabilities, 7 workforce development stipends, after school sailing, and more. 


The Downtown Sailing Center

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